US200S2,4,6 2,4,6 color CNC Auto-Screen printer

Short Description:

This machine only have 1 pcs tooling, very fast change over. All setting on touch screen, easy setup. It’s suit for small order but have many kinds of products.

Product Detail

Product Tags


square/oval/cylindrical products, with or without registration point. Bottles, etc

General Description

1.Automatic loading with conveyor and robot.
Automatic flame treatment for bottles
Auto pre-registration when there is registration notch or cut threads
2. Servo motor driven shuttle, products stop any position.
3. Servo driven printing system with linear rails and bolts screw. Printing head left/right, parts up/down, parts rotation all driven by servo motor, with all parameters setting in touch screen without any tools.
4. Quick and easy change over from one product to another: 1 jig only, all other parameters will be set in touch screen.
5. Auto high efficiency electrode UV system. UV system left/right driven by servo
6. PLC control & Proface touch screen operation system.
7. Safety operation with CE standard
8. Auto printing head locking system for better printing quality.
9. Automatic unloading.
10. 1 operator only
11. All Mitsubishi servo motors, Mitsubishi PLC


Parameter \ Item US300S2 US200S4 US200S6
Power 380VAC 3Phases 50/60Hz
Air consumption 5-7 bars
Max printing speed 8-10pcs/min 3-5pcs/min 2-3 pcs/min
Printing  Diameter 20--80mm
Printing height 150mm
Printing stroke left/right 260mm 200mm 200mm



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