Inkjet Printing Machine

  • S2 inkjet printer

    S2 inkjet printer

    6 heads, 12 color printing system
    Servo driven shuttle
    360 degree seamless printing
    Auto tilt system for conical cups printing optional
    All servo driven system
    Easy changeover, easy image set up

  • One Pass Flat inkjet printer

    One Pass Flat inkjet printer

    1. Crank design, strong pressure and low air consumption.

    2. Stamping pressure, temperature and speed adjustable.

    3. Worktable can be adjusted left/right, front/rear and angle.

    4. Auto foil feeding and winding with adjustable function.

    5. Height of stamping head adjustable.

    6. Worktable shuttle with gear and rack for round product stamping.

    7. It is widely used for electric, cosmetic, jewelry package, toy surface decoration.

  • Flatbed inkjet printer

    Flatbed inkjet printer

    Product Application UV flat-panel printer, also known as universal flat-panel printer or UV inkjet flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and reach the level of staring with single page without plate-making and full-color image printing at one time in the true sense. Compared with traditional printing technology, it has many advantages. UV flatbed printer adopts stable platform technology and advanced stepper motor drive mode. It combines infrared meanwh...
  • IR4 rotary inkjet printer

    IR4 rotary inkjet printer

    Application Cylindrical/conical bottles, cups, soft tubes Plastic/metal/glass General Description Manual loading, auto unloading Pre-treatment included with flame/corona/plasma 8 color printing system Final UV curing All servo driven system Tech-Data Parameter Item I R4 Power 380VAC 3Phases 50/60Hz Air consumption 5-7 bars Max printing speed (pcs/min) Up to 10 Printing  Diameter 43-120mm Product height 50-250mm Product Introduction Inkjet printing is a type of ...