CMT64 automatic pad printer for caps

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Caps Master CMT64 is a fully automatic pad printing system for caps printing. It is combined with auto loading, caps locking, flame treatment, printing, drying and unloading all in 1 system. Easy setting up, fast and durable running makes Caps Master CMT64 a stable and economic solution for caps printing.

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Beverages caps, wine caps, medicine caps, oil caps


1.Automatic loading with hopper and special loading system
2.Auto flame treatment with electric ignition
3.1-4 colors printing
4.Automatic heating system after printing to dry the caps
5.Motor driven conveyor, conveyor chain made in Japan
6.Auto unloading
7.Auto pad cleaning for better printing result
8.Well built machine house with CE standard safety design
9.Panasonic PLC and touch screen


  Plate size Colors Max Speed (pcs/hr) for caps diameter smaller than 28mm
CMT644 100x150mm 1 15000pcs/hr
2 8000pcs/hr
4 4000pcs/hr
CMT642 100x150mm 1 8000-10000pcs/hr
2 4000pcs/hr



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