• UV400M Flat/Round/Oval UV Dryer

    UV400M Flat/Round/Oval UV Dryer

    1. High quality Primarc UV system, output can be adjusted in 5 grades from 1.6kw to 5.6kw.
    2. Conveyor speed and the distance between the lamp and substrate can be adjusted.
    3. Conical holders installed to rotate the products for cylindrical products curing.
    4. Excellent curing result, reliable quality, CE standard and easy operation.

  • T1215 Mesh stretching machine

    T1215 Mesh stretching machine

    Description 1. Stretcher clamp and frame are made up special aluminum alloy which ensure the machine stable. 2. Self-lock stretcher clamp structure, mesh will not be slipped and loosen with high tension. 3. Solid stretcher framework, when parallel moving the mesh, there is no distortion. 4. Mesh frame is lifted by pneumatic cylinder, easy operation. Tech-Data Tech-data T1215 Max. mesh stretcher size 1200*1500mm Min. mesh stretcher size 500*500mm Highest tension...
  • F300 Flame treatment machine

    F300 Flame treatment machine

    Description 1. Conical holders installed to rotate the products. 2. High quality micromotor in the electric controller, conveyor speed is adjusted by  stepless motor. 3. Automatic electric ignition, auto gas off when no burning, CE standard. 4. Stable structure, high quality burner, easy operation. 5. Used for PP, PE material, change the character of surface of material, improve adhesion of ink. Tech-Data Tech-data F300 Flame width(mm) 250mm Belt width(mm) 300mm ...
  • E8010/E1013 Exposing Unit

    E8010/E1013 Exposing Unit

    Description 1. Microcomputer control, easy operation, high speed and equal exposing. 2. Installed with cooling fan to decrease the temperature, keep the machine under room temperature when working. 3. Quick start bulb. When turn off the machine, you can restart the machine within two minutes. 4. High quality reflector film from German, reflecting the light to all the corners. 5. Suitable for four color mesh dots exposing. 6. Used for making mesh frame for printing ceramics, signboard, ou...