How does the pad printing work?

The pad printing machine is a printing machine with a relatively high frequency of use at present, and is generally applicable to industries such as plastics, toys, and glass. Generally speaking, the pad printing machine adopts the technology of concave rubber head printing, which is a good method for printing and decorating the surface of the current article, beautifying the articles and indirectly increasing the sales volume of the products. How does the pad printing work?

The first step is to spray the ink onto the etched plate and then scrape off the excess ink with a retractable scraper. The ink remaining in the etched area evaporates and then forms a gel-like surface, so that the plastic head is lowered onto the etched plate and the ink is smoothly absorbed. This is the first step in the operation, and the absorption of the ink will directly affect the quality of the print. Because there are too many inks, the pattern of the printed matter becomes very thick; if the ink is too small, the pattern of the printed matter becomes very light.

The glue head then absorbs most of the ink on the etched plate and then rises. At this time, the remaining dry ink surface can facilitate the tight bonding of the printed object to the plastic head. The rubber head produces a rolling action on the surface of the object, thereby expelling more air from the etched plate and the ink surface.

In the whole process of production, the cooperation of ink and plastic head is the most important. Generally, the best fit is that all the ink on the etched plate is transferred to the object to be printed. However, in actual operation, the rubber head is easily affected by factors such as air, temperature, and static electricity, so that it does not reach an optimum state. At the same time, in the process of transfer, we must grasp the volatilization speed and the dissolution rate to achieve a balanced state in order to obtain successful printing.

Only by mastering a good printing operation process can the printed matter of the product be made beautiful and make it easier for consumers to enjoy.

Post time: Nov-26-2020