What types of pad printing machines are there? And how to distinguish?

I. Classification according to transmission mode According to the different transmission modes of the main movement of the pad printing machine, it can be divided into three types, namely manual mechanical pad printing machine, electric pad printing machine and pneumatic pad printing machine.

Because the pneumatic pad printing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and stable movement, it is widely used at home and abroad and is the mainstream of the pad printing machine.

2. Classification by printing color number According to the printing color number completed in one printing process, the printing machine can be divided into monochrome printing machine, two-color pad printing machine and multi-color pad printing machine, etc.

The multi-color pad printing machine is divided into a shuttle type and a conveyor type multi-color pad printing machine according to the different transmission modes between the colors.

3. According to different ways of ink storage, it is divided into oil basin type and oil bowl type pad printing machine.

The oil basin type pad printing machine is a commonly used form. The oil-tank type pad printing machine is sealed in the form of ink, which is relatively environmentally friendly and can ensure better stability of the ink during the printing process.

Post time: Nov-26-2020